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Make yourself a smart home.

Join the home automation, trendy revolution with a pre-designed package and individual product from 3 Korners. Shop now!

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3 Korners

We are your one stop shop for home automation solutions 

At 3 Korners, we believe that people shouldn't have to worry about compatibility or different technologies. We want everyone to experience the convenience and ease of home automation, so we created pre-designed packages for anyone to easily get started to make their home, into a smart home.

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We offer smart devices that help simplify your daily life. Take control of your home and keep an eye on things from anywhere. Get alerts, automate events, and make your life easier.

Connected Solutions for your Home

  • Feel safer in your home 

  • Let technology do the work for you

  • More convenient control

Pre-Designed Home Automation Packages

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We make it easy for you to get started. Select from our pre-designed packages to make your home smarter, safer, and comfortable.

  • Select a package based on your needs

  • Basic and Deluxe level packages

  • Home automation made easy - get started fast

  • Get alerts and stay notified

  • Customize controls based on your schedule

Invest in one of our pre-designed smart packages, Simply pair your controller and Voil`a home access right in the palms of your hand.

Control your life with a simple touch

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