PHILIO - 3 in 1 Sensor(Ilumination, temperature, door)

PST02-1C NOTE: This device operates at 868.4 mhz Z-Wave frequency. The Z-Wave Plus 3 in 1 sensor PHI_PST02-1C is designed with three detection sensors: 1. Door-/Windows sensor 2. Temperature sensor 3. Illumination sensor The sensor consists of two parts; a Detector and a Magnet. They are designed to be fitted to doors or windows with the Magnet mounted on the opening part and the Detector mounted on the fixed frame. Opening the protected door/window will remove the magnetic field, trigger the detector and generate an alarm condition, (if the system is armed). The sensor can also applied to automatic light control, one scenario is to get the illumination lux level from built in illumination sensor

PHILIO - 3 in 1 Sensor(Ilumination, temperature, door)


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