Homeland Security Starts at Home Smart Home Security Deluxe

The most affordable way to get started with Vera and keep your home safe, powerful smart home security kit that gives you the best of home automation and security in a single package. Detect movement anywhere in your house and get personalized notifications right to your app with this smart security set.


What's included in this package:

1x Vera Controller

Controllers enable communication between other devices and are the foundation of any smart home


3x 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 MHz (quantity control more or less) $21.95

The 2GIG Recessed Door Contact is the industry’s most flexible supervised door contact. It communicates with the Control Panel using the 345 MHz wireless frequency. It also allows a multitude of applications while hiding the transmitter within a door or window frame.


3x 2GIG Door Window Sensor 345 MHz (quantity control more or less) $19.95

The Thin Door/Window Contact is designed for use on doors, windows, and other objects that open and close. It communicates with the control panel using the 345 MHz frequency. When the magnet (which is mounted near the sensor) moves away from or closer to the door contact’s sensor, signals are transmitted to the control panel.

The door contact also has an external input that accepts connections from normally-closed (NC) dry contact devices. For added protection, it is also equipped with a cover tamper.


1x VistaCam 700 Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

Ideal for any home or small business. Designed for indoor use, the VistaCam’s HD display helps you keep an eye on the people, and things that matter most.


2x VistaCam 1000 outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

The VistaCam 1000 sees in the dark with built-in infrared illumination and can send you alerts through the Vera app if something out of the ordinary occurs. The VistaCam 1000 doubles as a motion detector, so it triggers recordings automatically to give you video/audio clips that keep you in touch with what’s happening outside. Add even more security by pairing the camera with your smart lighting system to automatically illuminate your walkway when you arrive home at night.


2x 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 MHz

The 2GIG Passive Infrared Motion Detector is a wall-mounted unit with wide-angle motion protection. It communicates with your Vera Secure controller using the 345 MHz frequency. When set to High (HI) Sensitivity Mode, the PIR has a maximum range of 30 ft deep x 50 ft wide (9.1 m x 15.2 m). The PIR’s pet-immune feature can be set to tolerate animals up 55 lbs.


1x Centralite 3-Series Security Keypad (quantity control more or less) $34.95

The Centralite 3-Series Security Keypad gives users an easy-to-use and low-cost option for controlling their Vera security controller system. The keypad features a back-lit keypad and arming buttons, large LED status lights, and is compatible with ZigBee HA 1.2. This battery powered keypad also wakes and illuminates itself by detecting when a user is nearby. Users can mount the 3-Series Security Keypad on any wall using screws or adhesive.


1x 2GIG Panic Button 345 MHz

The Panic Button Remote is a compact, battery powered, wireless panic button that transmits an Emergency signal from any location within radio frequency (RF) range of the control panel. The signal can be transmitted to your Vera Secure controller, whether the security system is armed or disarmed.


1x Philio Siren

This Philio PSE02 Siren is a loud, multi-channel siren that works with any Vera controller, allowing you to program alerts for any event that occurs in your network. The Z-Wave Indoor Multi-Sound Siren is designed for wall-mounting in an electrical box, and it has a DC jack to receive power from 5VDC power supply. The power supply wires can easily be hidden behind the siren, which also supports an optional backup battery (included). In case of a power outage, the siren will automatically switch to the battery for power.


2x 2GIG 4-button Key Ring Remote 345 MHz (quantity control more or less) $21.95

The 2GIG 4‐Button Key Ring Remote communicates with your Vera Secure controller on the 345 MHz frequency. It gives users the ability to turn the security system ON and OFF before entering the home or after exiting. If there is an emergency, you can turn on the siren and automatically call the central monitoring station. Key fobs can be programmed to operate the programmable output in the Control Panel. The key fob is a lithium coin battery‐powered, wireless key fob designed to fit on a key chain, in a pocket, or in a purse.


Homeland Security Starts at Home Smart Home Security Deluxe Package

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How Many 2GIG Door Window Sensor 345 MHz?
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