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We promise, you will be OBSESSED!!

These new color and texture features an unique waistband, our new Booty Plus V-Band. The V cut in the back is deeper and cuts are higher, they waistband will make your booty look bigger and rounder!

This waistband  can ONLY be made with no scrunch or a mini elastic scrunch only! We cannot add full scrunch here ladies!

Second skin, ultra flexible abstract pattern fabric featuring a beautiful brilliance to it; this fabric is high compression but with lots of elasticity thus it will keep you all tight in but with a freedom of movement you have never experienced before.

Part of our soon to launch fall collection, do not miss this exotic fabric in the most amazing color: Rose

(Limited edition item). If you are in doubt about what size to pick, choose the size down, these have tons of stretch!

Luxor Rose (Booty Plus v Band) Leggings


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