This is Cuddle Weather Smart Home Climate Basic

Start with any Vera controller and a smart thermostat to make sure your home—is always comfortable when you arrive. Thermostat features an ultra-long battery life so you can set it and forget it.


What's included in this package:

1x Vera Controller

Controllers enable communication between other devices and are the foundation of any smart home


1x Philio Humidity & Temperature sensor

The Philio PAT02-B Multisensor has temperature and humidity, 2 sensors function in one. It’s ideal for installation in bedrooms and living areas, where you want to track both the heating/cooling efficiency of your home, along with the relative humidity. The device can be fitted to any flat surface. It can be installed either using screws or double-sided adhesive. This wireless Z-Wave sensor works with all Vera Controllers for easy wireless configuration and integration with advanced home control and automation functions.


1x GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat, Z-Wave Plus

The GoControl thermostat is a battery powered Z-Wave thermostat (500 series) designed to be easy to install. Front loading battery compartment holds 4 “AA” batteries to power the thermostat for two full years, or it can be powered by the HVAC systems 24 VAC “C” wire. Scrolling display. Works with most contemporary Central HVAC systems, whether standard or heat pump. A great solution for all retrofit or new construction needs. Easy integration with Vera.

This is Cuddle Weather Smart Home Climate Basic Package

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