Why Should You

Automate Your Home?

Because convenience is a way of life!! 
Below are just a few of the benefits of home automation.

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Control all of your smart devices from anywhere
Save money on utilities and reduce energy consumption
Light up your home before you walk in the door
Make tasks around your home more convenient 
Never worry about your home while you're away
An alternative solution to expensive home security

Prevent a small thing from becoming a big thing

With home automation, your smart devices can catch things you normally wouldn't, whether you're at home or traveling.

Do you ever forget to turn off your lights or appliances?

Turn them off remotely with the Vera mobile app and save some money on your utility bills.

Are you worried about a leaking pipe causing a flood?

Shut off your water system to prevent a huge disaster.

Are you paranoid of unwanted visitors coming by?

Keep an eye on your home with outdoor security cameras.

vera any deice for any voice assistant

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